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Sample Cost Benefits of Using Med Group For Your Billing Company

Sample Collection Analysis:
In the sample collection analysis below, the practice is collecting $50K per month and the cost for the practice in house biller to collect this is the above rate of $57,056 per year ($4754 per month).

If the billing company was charging you 7% (rates vary depending on specialty, practice, volume) the monthly fee would be $3,500. In addition, in most cases Med Group can collect at least 2% more than and in house biller this is an additional $12,000 Per Year.

In House Cost Est. Cost Per Year Med Group Billings Cost Per Year
Billing Employee $38,000 Biller with at Least 5+ Years Experience, Billing Manager, CPC, CHBME & CPA Oversight of Reporting Included
Health Insurance $4,800 Health Insurance Included
Vacation (2 Weeks), Sick (5 Days) and Holiday Pay (9 Days) + Billing Delays $3,456 Vacation, Sick Time, Holiday Pay, PTO We have employees cover while others are out—Costs Included
Software/Clearinghouse Monthly Fees and Maintenance $9,600 Software/Clearinghouse
Upfront Cost For Billing Software As Much as You Would Like to Spend Upfront Cost For Billing Software Included**
Some Set Up Fees Apply for Remote Access
Management Reporting If you Beg For Them—You Might Get Someone to Run a Report For You Management Reports Preparation of Monthly Reports and Review Monthly
Postage, Forms, Supplies $1,200 Postage, Forms, Supplies Included
Service With a Smile Extra Service With a Smile Included
Hard Costs Billing In House Before Software Investment $57,056 Per Year We Bill on a % Of What We Collect- Example Below of Practice $42,000 Per Year

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Under this Scenario, The Net Additional Cash to This Practice is $27,056 Annually.
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