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EHR Services

Med Group has developed for clients and prospective clients solutions on how to implement proven EHR Systems in their practices and still effectively handle their billing to maximize collections and reduce billing expense. (Click HERE for detailed article on how this can work for you.)


  1. Med Group can refer you to three (3) EHR Systems you can choose from that will have a free interface into Med Groupís Healthpac billing system.
  2. These three systems have undergone detailed reviews to insure they meet certain standardsMed Group Billing and Consulting EHR Services and Billing Services.
  3. Once set up and operating , client will be eligible for Meaningful Use Grants from the U. S. Government of up to $44,000 per provider ($64,000 if you meet the size test as a Medicaid provider).
  4. No more evaluating EHR Systems that are inferior, too small, or might not meet all qualifications for Meaningful Use money
  5. No more concerns about evaluating the sales pitches of EHR sales representatives with inferior and overpriced products.
  6. If none of the 3 we present are satisfactory to you , Med Group can use our experience to help you evaluate other systems you are considering , and help negotiate an interface to our HealthPac system