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Annual "Fiscal" Examination

Most physicians recommend an Annual "Physical" Exam or check up to virtually all their patients, especially those who are at high risk for various diseases, senior citizens, and those with past health problems.

Med Group recommends an Annual "FISCAL" Exam or check up FOR ALL DOCTORS. Most doctor do not realize that they are in a "high risk "category for employee theft and not maximizing revenues collected , mainly because they fall in the category of being physicians. Here are several reasons that virtually all doctors are in a "high risk" category

  1. Studies have indicated that 85% of doctors who have been in business for 7 or more years have been the victim of Employee Theft
  2. Studies have estimated that only 38% of denied claims are appealed. That means there are 62% that are NOT appealed. How about in your practice? How many are not being followed up on and you missed getting paid?
  3. In today's environment for pursuit of Insurance Fraud, several government agencies have increased their review of Physician billing to identify Medicare and Medicaid fraud, as well as, filing of all fraudulent claims. The potential for paying large fines and penalties continues to grow
MED GROUP CAN HELP, and with NO INITIAL COST TO YOU. We will determine if there are any obvious problems that should be investigated. We will visit your office and preform some brief reviews of your procedures and controls to determine if we see any areas worthy of further investigation. We perform a standard review designed to quickly identify if there are any indications that a problem exists in your practice. We will give you a brief written report on our findings.

Call us Today at 972-644-3232 or click here to contact us, for a billing services fiscal examination.
WHY IS MED GROUP WILLING TO DO THIS -- FOR FREE?? The answer is easy. It gives us the opportunity to DEMONSTRATE OUR VAST CAPABILITIES, and we are willing to risk that, if you need further help, or help in the future, YOU WILL CALL MED GROUP BILLINGS.

Please click here to contact us for your FREE "FISCAL" EXAM.