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How Med Group Billings, Inc. Membership In HBMA Benefits Our Clients

Med Group Billings, Inc. has been an active member of the Healthcare Billing and Management Association since its inception in 1992. Chuck Barker served on the initial Board of Directors from 1993 to 2000 and was the President of HBMA in 1998-1999. Karen Linsteadt has attended virtually all semi-annual educational and business meetings since 1992, and has actively participated on numerous committees during this timeframe. She has been on the Board of Directors from 2010 to 2012 , during which time she has , among many other things, been the Committee Chairman of the Public Relations committee.

Our clients benefit from this participation in the following ways:

  1. Every year, Karen and Chuck Have attended 2 National HBMA Meetings where there is 3 days of educational conferences . These conferences allow us to stay current on all CMS activities and political activities that will affect our ability to collect our clients’ receivables. There are always numerous sessions on the adjustments we need to make to give us the best chance to collect our clients’ money, as well as prepare for changes we must make to comply with new laws.
  2. At these conferences, there is tremendous networking opportunities that we have taken advantage of. There are between 150 and 200 billing companies in attendance from throughout the U.S. HBMA has a message Board where we can ask questions and exchange information with other members. The culture of HBMA has been on sharing with other members to solve problems that they or we might have. If, for example, we run into a billing or reimbursement problem, or want to find out about a previous system a new client may have, we can post to the message Board , and almost always have an answer in a matter of a few hours. Because we have so many friends in the industry, and know a lot about their companies, we can even call directly to these companies to get help. There are at least 5 nationally known consultants who work with HBMA members who frequently help with problems.
  3. There are at least 50 Vendors that attend every conference that offer products and services to HBMA members that allows us to keep up to date with the latest technology to maximize our clients collections. We use numerous vendors now that help us increase our clients collections. Our Billing system vendor, HealthPac Systems has been a vendor at HBMA meeting twice a year for over 15 years. Healthpac has approximately 100 billing companies using their system , and they are motivated to keep all of us updated quickly , anytime a change to the system is required. This is an example of the benefit to our clients from long term commitment to HBMA.
  4. We are updated by our Washington consultants any time there are new regulations issued by CMS or even when new bills are introduced in the House or Senate that could have an impact on our clients.
  5. The monthly HBMA Newsletters and other publications from HBMA committees keep us up to date with anything going on that could affect us and our ability to help our clients. Clients that may be affected by any new developments are forwarded any information we get, so they can plan for this.
  6. There are other National conferences that we have attended that have significantly helped us to help our clients. Over the years, Karen and I have attended 6 Owners and Manager’s Conferences which are intensive three day sessions that help us stay current on numerous billing activities (e.g., coding, report preparation, control and procedures) so that we remain effective in maximizing our client collections. Chuck has attended two different 3 or 4 day Compliance Program conferences that has assisted in initially drafting and later updating our Compliance Plans, and in gaining the knowledge to help our clients develop their own compliance plans, or at least develop procedures to minimize the risk of fraudulent billing. Chuck has also attended three conferences, 3 days each, over the past three years to gain the knowledge necessary to evaluate the EHR systems that are available and to help our clients select EHR systems that are right for them.
All of these efforts on our part to participate in HBMA activities give us a tremendous advantage over billing companies who have not taken the time or effort to stay current in all of the above areas to help their clients.