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How Med Group Can Help You Effectively Use An EHR System

Med Group Billings & Collections, Inc. (“MedGroup”) is one of the 4 founding partners of HP EHR Referral Group LLC(“HPEHR”). There are now 14 billing companies who are now partners in HPEHR. Geographically they are located throughout the United States. All partners use the same sophisticated practice management system (HealthPac) used by MedGroup, and all are long term members of HBMA. HPEHR has entered into agreements with 3 prominent EHR vendors (several others are still being considered) to provide an EHR solution for our clients, who either are just now purchasing their first EHR system or who are dissatisfied with the system they currently use.

Here is how our clients can benefit from this relationship---

  1. Our client can evaluate any or all of the EHR systems to see if they are comfortable with using them.
  2. The client purchases the EHR and the EHR vendor interfaces the billing information into our HealthPac system, at no cost to any client, (there is a small cost to perform this interface from HealthPac ,our PM system vendor). This interface allows the automatic transfer of all billing information from the client to our system. MedGroup can then submit claims using its Healthpac system.
  3. The advantage to our clients is that all billing, follow up on denials and unpaid claims is performed by MedGroup, using a very sophisticated billing system that is almost always more powerful than the billing module attached to most EHR Systems. This eliminates all billing cost for our clients, except for the one billing fee paid to MedGroup. The client needs only to devote a portion of the time of one employee to provide information to us if claims are denied or information transmitted is not complete. The client eliminates the cost of acquiring new billing software , or upgrades to existing software , salary cost (including benefits), forms cost, computer support cost, software cost, clearing house fees, postage and forms. There is almost always a savings in expense when Med Group starts billing.
But the best part is you have the full time attention of highly experienced, professional billers to handle all aspects of your billing, follow-up, reporting, etc.

No more worries about supervising billing personnel, replacing them when they leave, or figuring out how to keep current on billing when they are absent due to vacation, illness, maternity leave, etc.

This always results in:

  1. Faster collection;
  2. More complete follow up on appealing of denials;
  3. More attention to tracking unpaid claims; and
  4. Preparing meaningful management reports for you to evaluate your business. In summary, our new clients reduce billing expense and increase cash flow, and this means higher net profit for our client.
If a client or prospective client is already using an EHR System they like, we can usually arrange to have the demographic and charge information interface into our Healthpac System via an HL7 interface. Healthpac already interfaces with about 20 EHR Systems This allows our clients to use the system that they like and still get the benefit of using Med Group to handle their billing.

Please contact us so we can explain how this can work for you!